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Company Overview

Softtech Solutions is a quality Auto CAD training institute and a house for software sales, development and software services in Kolkata. We have worked with a number of enormous clients with a wide range of success stories to share.

We provide Auto CAD training program where you will be trained and educated in computer-aided drafting and designing. The project will defer depending on your stream with practical exposure.

  • Civil/Architect/Interior stream: Plans, elevations, sections, laying drawing.
  • Electrical & Electronic stream: Electrical schematics, single line, circuit diagram.
  • Mechanical stream: Mechanical fabrication and isometric illustration.


You Will Learn

  • Interface, drawing aids and necessary objects
  • Complex objects and object editing
  • Blocks and annotations
  • Introduction to 3D

We also provide information technology (IT) strategy planning and implementation at every stage. Our vision is to offer you brush up your skills and expertise to the satisfaction of our clients in deducing excess cost and prevailing market insufficiency in an assured, professional manner and never compromising on quality.


Our Methodology

  • We adopt dynamic delivery strategies and methodologies in software training, selling and software services.
  • We believe in focusing more on processes. Both in software training and services, we give our full focus and dedication.
  • Our team has tons of experiences in adopting advanced technologies, toolsets and environments.
  • We undertake an in-depth review of whatever we serve. We believe in serving qualities, never compromised on it.
  • We embrace dynamic, development practices to execute many a project simultaneously. We help our clients in innovating in their businesses.
  • We walk on a result-oriented pathway. Our result-driven model includes successful business cases, reliable data and primary search tools.



During the period of the last few years, we have met continuously or exceeded our quality on everything that we serve. It might be the software training we provide or the services we offer to our clients – we cater every single detail in it.

We measure our performances day to day and hence can ensure you the best of the quality in our services.